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Welcome to Thermography Clinic

Dedicated to bringing Canadians the most advanced Breast and Full Body Thermographic Imaging

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Yes, we're back to our old location at 3910 Bathurst St., Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario
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Medical Infrared Thermography
· What is Breast Thermography
· Full Body Scan
· Early Detection of Breast Disease - Images
· Thermography Research
· Mobile Breast Clinics - Outreach Program
· Clinical Thermographic Images
Breast Cancer Prevention
· Before a Lump Develops
· Thermography, Mammography or Ultrasound?
· What you can do to prevent Breast Cancer
· Breast Cancer ? Every Woman?s Nightmare
· Top Ten Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer
· Fibrocystic Breast Disease ? Treatment and Prevention
Forms and Instructions
· Pre-Breast Imaging Instructions
· What to expect at your Breast Scan
· Breast Health History form
· How to do Breast Self-Exams (BSE)
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Health Articles
· Adrenal Fatigue ? Crash and Burn
· The Mammogram Conundrum
· Irritable Bowel Syndrome
· The Thyroid Connection
· Perimenopause ? Preparing for a Smooth Transition
· Other Health Articles
· Frequently asked Questions
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· Your Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
About our Clinic
· A. Mostovoy, Clinic Director
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· Other Functional Tests and Clinical Investigations


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