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Our Fees

Breast Thermography $250.00 plus GST add $25.00 for same day report
    Anterior, Oblique and (if necessary) Lateral and Inferior views are taken for the Baseline Study, followed by the Functional Study. Multiple series are performed providing a provocative challenge to aid in the physiological assessment of the breasts.
Upper Body Thermography $275.00 plus GST (excluding Breast)
  • Upper Torso (anterior and posterior)
  • Cervico-Cranial (posterior and oblique)
  • Facial (anterior and oblique)
  • Arms (anterior and posterior)
  • Forearms (ulnar and radial)
  • Hands (palmer and dorsal)
Lower Body Thermography $275.00 plus GST
  • Lower Torso (lateral and posterior)
  • Abdominal
  • Thighs (anterior, and posterior)
  • Knees (anterior and posterior)
  • Lower Leg (anterior and posterior)
  • Feet (ventral and plantar)
Full Body Thermography $675.00 plus GST
    Breast, Upper Body and Lower Body
All tests include a complementary Consultation.