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  A.Mostovoy, Clinic Director
A.Mostovoy, Clinic Director   Alexander Mostovoy is a Board Certified Clinical Thermographer. His expertise lies in a natural approach to menopause, disease and breast cancer prevention. He is also clinic director of a medical thermography clinic, which is one of only a few such clinics in the country bringing medical infrared thermography to Canadian women. Medical infrared thermography is a radiation-free, safe and painless process of screening for breast disease. In conjunction with mammography and other tests presently available, the early detection of breast cancer may be as high as 90%. Infrared breast thermography is a method of the earliest detection of breast abnormalities presently known.
  Alexander Mostovoy is a graduate of the Homeopathic College of Canada. He is past President of the Homeopathic Medical Council of Canada (HMCC), and the Canadian Coalition for Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM), and past Vice-President of the Ontario Homeopathic Association (OHA). He has been a frequent guest on many television programs including Michael Coren Live, Erin Davis Show, On the Line, @Issue � Breast Cancer and Diagnosis MD. He is also a frequent guest on numerous radio shows, and publishes many informative articles in health magazines. He is passionately involved in educating women on how to take charge of their own health.